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Pinker, Alexander / Prüglmeier, Marco
eBook Innovations in Logistics engl.
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Logistics goes High Tech
Technologies, innovations and trends in logistics develop faster than ever. The authors take the reader through a multitude of new technologies and future trends and describe the achievable effects. State-of-the-art IT and computer technology, additive manufacturing and cloud computing are just as much a part of modern logistics systems as autonomous mobile robots. Like modular construction kits, modern industrial systems are built from the most suitable technologies. Looking beyond the mere technology, the authors also illustrate the  role of project partners implementing such systems and, of course, humans in their working environment as users of the technologies.
The book is designed as a guide through the changes in the logistics sector and encourages its readers to dare innovations: with high practical relevance, a comprehensible overview of new technologies and their fields of application, clear advice for the solution-oriented introduction as well as concrete implementation of new technologies and finally a vision of where individual companies can develop to in the future. Be it in production with the associated logistics processes, or for the entire supply chain to the customer. The book is not only for large corporations, but specifically also for small and medium-sized enterprises that are open to innovation and want to drive new technologies in logistics forward.
From the contents
  • Welcome to the VUCA world
  • Technologies in logistics applications
  • Changes in the way we work
  • Changes in logistics
  • The road to implementation
  • Identifying the right partners
  • Planning and communication
  • Vision for logistics
208 S., Paperback
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Innovations in Logistics (engl.) [Buch]
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