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Spee, Detlef / Beuth, Jennifer
eBook How to structure warehouse processes efficiently
The successful implementation of lean warehousing
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Warehouses are and will remain an essential part of logistics. That hasn’t changed over the years. But the technical progress – such as automatic order picking, shuttle warehouse technology or the trend towards warehouse control by SAP-EWM – is alarming.
So the main question is: Which requirements do warehouse operators really have to meet nowadays?
A smart way of identifying potential, is to involve warehouse employees in this process. A possibility that is used far too rarely but has enormous potential.

From the contents:
  • The origin of lean management
  • The lean principles
  • The application of lean management in warehouses
  • The lean warehousing methodology toolbox Contributions from practice, such as
  • Objectives of the Rudolph Logistic System
  • Lean warehousing at Schäflein Logistics GmbH
  • Lean in distribution – EDC logistics
  • Lean retailing at IKEA
This present book will be a good companion on your way to lean warehousing. It provides you the necessary overview of training, change management, use of methods, implementation and experience - with contributions, written by people who are willing to share their experiences because knowledge is the only thing that increases when you share it.

Target group:
Manager Logistics, Head Storeman
144 S.
Artikel-Nr.: 22634800000

Detlef Spee

Logistik Coach

Ehemaliger Abteilungsleiter der Abteilung Intralogistik und -IT Planung

am Fraunhofer-Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik IML

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